Replacement Stands & Neck Caps

Replacement Stands & Neck Caps
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Price: £40.00
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If you already have a mannequin, but it is missing it's stand or neck cap, then you can buy a replacement here. The stands are designed in the vintage style and so will match your vintage or antique mannequin beautifully.
From Ivory and Black paint finishes, to a range of wood waxes, you are sure to find a stand to match your mannequin.
  • Ivory/Black painted - a painted stand.
  • Antique pine/Jacobean Oak - a natural pine stand waxed with beeswax to create a lovely depth of colour. The depth of colour depends on the number of applications, so if you would like a darker shade then let me know in the comments box during the checkout.
  • Beech - a lacquered, natural beech stand.
The stand comes with a metal pole (diameter  2.5 cm) which slots into a hole in the top of the stand. You could replace this with a wooden pole from any D.I.Y store for a more vintage look.
Ivory Painted
Black Painted
Antique Pine
Jacobean Oak

Natural Beech